Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Will the real Ann Sieg please stand up?

Just pop into some of the Business Opportunity Magazines and you'll see a lot of the same stuff.

Before everyone starts thinking that I'm just out to bash MLM and what some big time marketers are saying, let me clarify. Most of the big names - Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, Joe Schroeder, et. al have some truth in what they will tell you. But they won't tell you the whole truth.

Take a look at Ann Sieg's current website: (http://www.therenegadenetworkmarketer.com/)

It looks surprisingly like her site from May 2006 offering a different product (Way Back Machine)

Current headline:

"Burn Your Names List... Skip The Hotel Meetings... And Never Bug a Single Friend or Relative Ever Again!"
May 2006 Headline:

"How to Succeed at Network Marketing by Throwing Your Names List Away, Ditching Your Thursday Night Hotel Meetings and Not Telling a Single Friend About Your Business"

Current Offer:

Her own eBook: The Renegade Network Marketer - Supposedly the system to end all other systems! Readers pay $67 for the right to resell her e-book and keep up to 50% (a multi-level offer). Just wait till there are a few hundred people advertising this and bidding $10 a keyword in Google! Ann will be the only one laughing - all the way to the bank... or court.
May 2006 Offer:

A free training CD which ironically has most of the SAME bullet points she offers in her eBook. A little digging and you find that Ann seems to have taken her cues from a company called Leaders Club - she even has an interview posted there saying as much!
And there's more...

The majority of her so called students are or were actually members of Leaders Club. Now, if Ann's not selling you Leaders Club, what is she selling you? The 8th Lie?

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mlmtruth said...

This is from Ann's May 2006 site:

"Here's a Sampling of What You'll Learn When You Invest in Leaders Club"

Just to give you a more detailed view of the amazing training you?ll get your hands on in the Leaders Club archives, here?s a small sample of what you?ll discover. This isn?t even a tenth of the materials that are available.

* How To Avoid Becoming a Victim of The 80 Percent Syndrome. Do you know what the 80 percent syndrome is? I promise you that if you can understand and avoid this problem, your entire view of sales will dramatically change. This is one of the biggest reasons why Network Marketers and actually sales people in general do not get the results they are looking for. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people hate sales people so much!

* The '2 A Day' Strategy For Business Success. Learn how the ?2 A Day? strategy can help you develop your critical leadership skills and bring your business new found success. This the same strategy developed and used by Jeff Zalewski to make the Top Sponsor list for 39 months in a row!

* What The ?Heavy Hitters? Won?t Tell You About Network Marketing. If you have ever wondered what you haven?t been told, this program is for you! Uncover 10 myths that are literally robbing millions of any chance at success. Also discover one vital truth that if you take it to heart, will direct your success for your entire career! Leaders Club is all about giving you the truth. Our philosophy is that once you know the truth, you will waste less time, energy and money on those things that will not lead you toward success.

* Calm Phone Fear With Tactical Pre-Call Planning. If your heart starts pounding, your palms become sweaty or you feel sick to your stomach when you look at the telephone and think about actually calling prospects, you are not alone. Our research shows that fear of the telephone is the number one business killer in network marketing. In this program we share with you over a dozen steps your can take right away to make your calls more productive and a quite a bit less threatening too. We'll teach you how to effectively plan for each call so that you can approach each one with the confidence of a professional.

* How to Reduce Your No-Show Rate. Do you ever have a prospect on the phone, schedule a time to get back with them for a presentation or follow-up only to have them stand you up? If not, you're not making enough phone calls! In this program you?ll learn three simple strategies to reduce your no-show rate for your presentations or follow-ups no matter if you are doing them by phone or in person.

* How To Quadruple The Value Of Your Downline. In this audio you?ll learn how to become indispensable to your prospects and downline. You learn why people join MLM programs and what you are missing that is killing your downlines loyalty. You?ll also learn the one thing prospects and downlines want more than anything else. This secret is honestly worth $1,000,000 as it totally eliminates any competition, even from your same program! This is a top 10 program, if you?re even remotely serious about your success you must listen to this audio.

* 11 Tips To Improve Your Sales Letters, E-mails and Presentations. In this Leaders Club Show you?ll get 11 solid tips, concrete steps you can take right now to improve your written communication and even your verbal presentations. You'll learn what's important to talk about and what's not. What will derail your prospect and what will hold their interest and build their desire for your offer. You?ll also get André’³ personal checklist for reviewing your copy to make sure it?s the best it can be.

* The 7 Deadly Sins of Prospecting. Close to 100% of those who get into network marketing lack the skills, initially, to effectively build their business. That, combined with false expectations and just plain bad advice from others, leads them to commit one or more of the 7 Deadly Sins of Prospecting. And the repercussions can be devastating.

* The Secret to Recruiting 5 to 10 People Into Your Business Every Month. What kind of downline would you have if you were sponsoring 5 to 10 people into your business personally each and every month, month after month after month? What amount of growth would you have if 10% of your downline also were each sponsoring 5 to 10 people into their business personally each and every month, month after month after month? In this training you will learn secret strategies and proven techniques guaranteed to produce the results, even if you are on a limited marketing budget and build your business on a part-time basis.

* Using Marketing Triggers To Motivate, Influence and Persuade. Are you using psychological triggers? If not, you should be. Professionals use them because they are proven to work. Find out 10 of the most effective ones here. Discover what difference the advertising medium makes and how to adapt your marketing accordingly. Plus, you'll also discover a few key advantages you already have over the ?big guys? but probably aren't using.

* Slowing The Attrition Cycle. Here?s a topic most MLM companies and ?heavy hitters? would rather not talk about. No matter what you do you will have people quit your organization. But you do have control over whether or not the attrition cycle is accelerating or decelerating. Learn why people drop out, what type of people are most likely to drop out and what steps you can take to slow the attrition cycle.

* The Power Of Collateral Marketing. If you haven?t yet discovered this technique you are missing out on one of the most vital puzzle pieces to a potent marketing strategy.
The Internet has changed the way we think about marketing. It has changed our tactics and methods. Everything from brochures to audios can now be delivered instantly online. As a result, many people have forgotten about the power of collateral marketing. Learn how Collateral Marketing can increase results in your recruiting efforts.

* Features vs. Benefits: The key to marketing success. This is basic Marketing 101. Every person in sales should be as familiar with this as they are with putting their socks on in the morning. As important as this concept is, most networkers simply don?t understand what benefits are or how to communicate them with their prospects. It?s the number 1 reason so much marketing fails.

* The Allure of Automated Systems & How They Really Work. Can you really get rich with an automated system? In this training call we'll look at the pro-s and cons of automated systems and what it means to your business. You'll learn how and when to use automation to help you build your business for the long term.

* 10 Steps For Long-Term Business Growth. Network marketing has come a long way in the last 50 years. Still the basics apply every bit as much today as they did back then. It?s easy to get confused, distracted and even derailed by all the ?magical secrets? on business building. In this program you'll learn 10 steps you can take to ensure that you and your business are set for long-term growth.

* 16 Attributes of A Leader. What does it take to be a leader? In this training, find out 16 traits that all leaders have either by accident or on purpose. If you want to have a strong organization and a long-term, stable business, this one is a must listen.

* Developing Potential Leaders. If you are not focused on developing leaders within your downline organization you will endlessly (and needlessly) be spinning your wheels. Learn how to spot and develop potential leaders and the rewards of doing so.

* Planning Your Time For Maximum Action. You wouldn?t go on a long trip without a clear plan of how to reach your destination. Likewise you should have a clear plan of how to maximize your action time. This is especially important if you also have a full-time job. Learn how to make time for the important stuff.

* Pay Per Click Advertising Strategies That Work. Getting hits to your web site is an online marketer?s goal. You would think all you would need to do is just post your site on a search engine and the hit would start flowing. However, it is not as easy as that! In this program the focus is on pay per click search engines and what it takes to create a successful pay per click campaign. This is an advanced marketing training program and it is highly recommend you first understand the basics of e-mail marketing before you attempt applying what you learn in this program.

* Understanding the "Power of 45." It is the natural tendency of objects to resist changes in their state of motion. The same thing holds true for our business. Our businesses will not move forward unless acted upon. And just like moving an object, it's the most efficient action that we want to take. That's were Leaders Club comes in! Discover how the ?Power of 45? can propel your business toward ultimate success.

* Ten Steps to Solving Any Problem. Any problem, no matter how complex, can be solved if approached with a creative strategy. Here are ten steps to getting your mind in an optimal problem-solving state.

* How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Leads. What is the difference between a cold lead and a hot lead? How can you get better quality prospects from your marketing efforts? How can you get more prospects to answer your initial marketing? These questions and more are answered in this insightful article by Leaders Club founder Andre Vatke.

* 12 Success Strategies of Six-Figure Leaders - Part 1 & 2. In this program you will learn the 12 most important philosophies, attitudes and strategies that are being used by today's elite marketers. These are the strategies you must learn to master if you want to take control over your own thinking and over the direction your business takes.