Friday, June 15, 2007

Undeniable, Indisputable Proof and Oh my gosh, did you get Photoshop?

Turn up the heat on scammers and they wilt like weeds in the noon-day sun without water.

In an effort to deliver proof of earnings Ann Sieg has posted doctored screenshots of her credit union statements. These are supposed to be irrefutable proof that she did consistently earn $90,000 or more per month for some substantial period of time.

Just take a look at what is supposedly January's statement...

And here is the one from February...

Notice anything interesting?

  1. If even true, this is only a balance statement. It does not show anything of importance.

  2. All actual numbers are blurred and the final number is emphasised using an image program like photoshop.

  3. If true this statement either indicated that Ann had $96,000 of expenses between January and February or only made around $700. It also does not indicate that the final balance was actually collected during that month.

  4. No matter what, this sort of posturing is deceptive and illegal. According to the FTC: If respondents lack evidence that the high reported earnings of a few distributors are in fact representative of the earnings of large numbers of other distributors, then it is clearly deceptive.

What are the real numbers? Who knows? Who cares really? And why stop at $90K?

In 2 minutes I gave Ann a 1000% raise!

See how easy that was?

Don't allow anyone's earning claims to cloud your judgement. The more far fetched the less likely that you will see anything at all.

Do you really want to help Ann maintain her income?

According to Ann: "My MLM company commission checks are just one part of this income." This means that at best this income comes from something other than she is asking you to do - join over 30 affiliate programs! In other words "Do as I say, not as I do!"

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