Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ann Sieg Plea For HELP!!!

OK so I get this e-mail forwarded to me from an Ann Sieg target. When Ann Sieg talks about "Target Market" she's actually referring to a real "Target." One she intends on attacking and destroying with her tactics.

Looking at the email it becomes obvious to anyone that doesn't fall prey to false flattery that it's a pathetic plea for help! She needs all the help she can get! And... She's certainly not afraid to ask every living soul she can suck into her email data list for it.

When reading her beseeching pitiable email it becomes apparent to even an un-expecting novice that Ann is lost. But Ann has a way of asking in which she attempts to stroke her vulnerable and good faith victims into some sort of a "We're all in this together" sucker punch set up.

It becomes very obvious that it is drawing very close to her eBook Launch and she's already over-promised and under-delivered. She already missed the first 2 self imposed premature deadlines you know. But she still desperately needs help in getting her new eBook up and running so she can BS everyone into funding her project with what she calls in her eBook "Intel." She's a real trooper - a Storm Trooper! Storming over the innocent anywhere in her path of destruction.

Unfortunately for her; she can’t do a thing without having someone, or something to “copy,” “steal,” or at best "re-word" a little from. Yes a little. She can't come up with very much if any original material. She has no experience or track record other than a couple years of failure and whimpering to anyone that would assure her that she has to give it some time and be patient. But no! That is not the correct answer! She didn't then and she still doesn't exercise self-control and if she did... We wouldn't be subjected to so much concentrated blah blah blah, yada yada yada, Ann Sieg jargon and senseless crap!

Ann here's a thought! Imagine if you could get paid a buck for every time you asked someone, "Do you really believe this will work?" Now you would already be retired instead of ret---ed. My bad!

This is of the most obvious scams that has taken the already black-eyed Network Marketing Industry and its loyal do-gooders for a dismal and costly ride. This is going down as the "insult of your intelligence" perfect model. And it does look like it will set new and higher standards for these types of reckless rides and be one of the lamest ones ever conjured up since the turn of the Century!

As Ann likes to say (or repeat a common phrase she has borrowed from others) "Don't get me wrong!" I'll add a "Don't take my word for it!" And ask you all to simply take a look for yourself.

Go ahead and see what she was begging from her worn-out list of coveted leads. And of course included in that list are those names and email addresses she stole from her very own trusting and gullible downline.

Read on to see her plea for yet more help. Here is a Survey that she made sure any-one or any-thing with an email address, or that could provide "Intel" could help fund her "Promote Ann Sieg First" money sucker scheme. Oh yeah; keep in mind that she opened with the Subject Line: Quick Announcement And A Favor... Then she said she had 2 Questions (but whose counting) so let's take a look.

These are her questions and my own answers and responses below.

1. What are your two top questions about Network Marketing that I absolutely NEED to answer in this course?

1 - What are your credentials specifically and what company pays you the highest income? (OK I cheated. That was 2 questions already- see anyone can do it! She won't notice - I promise.)
2 - Where's proof of your income claim of $90K+ a month?
2. What price would be so low you would question the value of this system?

Any price for your double-talk circular reasoning hype is too high. You make the same claims that every other desperate online jealous and envious marketer does. You know those that punk peoples Uplines, company training, and of course the company leaders too. So they can get enlightened by a amateurish inexperienced Wanna-Be Self-Proclaimed Poser-Pro.

This adds up to empty bogus crap and you guarantee nothing but costing people good-faith investments of their own hard-earned good money.

It looks like a one-sided diarrhea of the mouth poor prospecting conversation transcript. Yawn… But more aggravating and personally insulting to a logical thinker.

3 - What price would be high enough you would value the information, but low enough that buying would be a quick and easy decision?

Are you kidding? This is embarrassing and pathetic! You want me to give you a magic number that can let you slip under the radar and fund you too? Free is too high!

It already costs too much time alone in just reading through your contradicting statements that you make regarding what others do that is a lie. And... You do the same thing and worse because you want to get paid for it.

The quick and easy decision for any logical person is to see through your BS and bust you for being a fraud so others don't get scammed by you!

4 - What price would be a bit high, but you would still invest in the system?

What system a BS worthless eBook based on false claims from a novice nobody? This is all BS and you should be ashamed of yourself! A penny and the time to read through your BS is well over-priced. It's not worth one red cent. You pollute the industry more than it already has been!

Go ahead and provide some actual proof and some references to check you out with!

5 - What price would be too high, regardless of the results my system will generate?

Any price as all is too high, and frankly; you must be high. You're definitely high on yourself and all you want is for others to do your own work for you so you can rip them off and quote them like you are legitimate.

You insult any reasonable persons intelligence right from the start.

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