Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More reports on Ann Sieg

We have received a bunch of letters coming to the defense of Ann Sieg and accusing this blog of fabricating information about Ann and the Renegade Network Marketer program.

Yet for each letter of defense we get about 15 that either thank us for the candid info or tell us about their own stories about how they were defrauded. Like the following...

Vern wrote: "After getting involved with Ann Siegs Renegade Network Marketer I spent $3,200 getting a site setup using a web designer through eLance like she suggested. Then I spent another $2,400 in pay per click ads running ads similar to the ones she suggested and using the keywords she gave me plus a few I found on my own. I got a total of 42 leads. 2 sales. Not a single one joined my company. I wish I would have listened to my instinct."

Cam wrote: "After looking at SiteSell.com a program Ann Sieg endorses I'm convinced that she only endorses those things she gets paid on. "

Swen wrote: "I sold over 20 Renegade Courses and never got paid. They tell me because I'm not in the USA they cannot send me a check. I would not tell anyone again to buy this course."

Paul wrote: "I bought the Renegade and after telling a few people asked for a refund. I just didn't think it was worth the $67. It's like after buying a car - all of the sudden you notice that everyone has that car. She's not saying anything new. Then 3 months after getting my refund she sent me check - I guess one of the people I told bought it. I don't think she was just being nice either - she must have broken software or something. Not that I'm complaining about that!"

And then I was forwarded a copy of a letter Ann Sieg sent to one of our readers...

In this letter Ann makes veiled threats and asks this person retract testimony made regarding a phone conversation where she indicated that she was competing with Leaders Club and other leaders within Leaders Club.

The letter states, "I am demanding that you retract those statements and that you notify Andre Vatke of this retraction. In addition, I insist on documented proof that not only have you notified Andre accordingly, but also documented proof of any additional parties you may have provided this false information to." (see image on right - this is the actual letter - we don't make this stuff up)

The testimony was never retracted and contribution made to this blog never removed. However most marketers would cave from a bully move like this.

In the DRA forums Ann Sieg and her "Associates" say they were never competing with Leaders Club. Leaders Club said they were terminated for violating a private written contract which included a non-compete agreement. The letter clearly states that Ann was competing by offering her own training and coaching program. I'm not going to make a judgment on that one way or another - but the noise made on their part was more than ironic.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ann Sieg Under Investigation?

Things have certainly heated up in recent weeks for Ann Sieg (check out her video interview - completely opposite of what she says now) with reports that cease and desist letters have been pouring in from Network Marketing companies legal departments regarding her illegal use of their trademarks and company names.

For over a year Ms. Sieg has had the Network Marketing industry in arms over her false and negative advertising. Specifically her ads allude to companies (use any name you like) not telling you the truth or in some way screwing you over. An ad that seems to work well with those people who somehow share Ann Siegs logic that companies make more money trying to keep people from succeeding than in actually helping them succeed.

Add to this that a former employee or partner (not wishing to be named) has indicated that Ann's success story is exaggerated and that some testimonials are entirely bogus and may have even been compensated and it's no wonder the heat is on. Is the Minnesota Attorney General about ready to file against Ms. Sieg due to all the complaints they have been receiving?

This same person also mentioned that Ann Sieg was ordered by the company she promotes - Send Out Cards (you didn't think her book was all there is did you?) has told her in no uncertain terms that she was not allowed to use their name in ads. Hence - (you can look this up) Ann does not use any special landing page for SOC nor does she come out and say that SOC is lying to you! She does for over 200 other companies though!

Then today I found that Ann's former sponsor blows the whistle on her and Mike Dillard. Turns out they both have something in common - stealing everything they know from someone else. See the whole story here...