Thursday, June 14, 2007

MLM Guru's, Bloggers and Crap Posters...

my dog knows more about marketing than you!
...and I'll save you $67, $214 or even $3,731 in the next 2 minutes!

So when you look into these 'brain child' marketing systems like the ones we expose here, you find out that all these clowns have done is a quick Google search and repackaged someone else's ideas as their own. Ann Sieg has plenty of advice on Internet marketing - some of the advertised features/benefits you have to pay extra for - but you can get it for free!

Here are some helpful resources...

Why do people pay for a "system" in the first place?


The odds of anyone except the first few people making money with these systems is extremely low. You're better off spending your money on lottery tickets.

The trouble is that these people know this. They know that there are countless desperate people out these looking for a quick and easy way to wealth and they will promise it. Flash you the big dreams and smile as they take your money. They know that they will be riding off with your loot before the law catches up.

If it were as easy as they promise everyone would be doing it. And when everyone is doing it, it's worth nothing. - It's basic economics.

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