Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ann Sieg - Renegade, Outlaw, Traitor?

Ever wondered why someone would call themselves the "Renegade"?

renegade - Unconventional or unlawful person. Also: A person who gives up his or her religion, political party, etc. and goes over to the opposite side; traitor.

Did Ann really make $90,000 a month? I would love to see documentation. So far the biggest check I have been able to verify is $5,000 in one month. That's not bad but it's not $90K.

Did it cost her over $90,000 to make it? I don't care who you are, if you spend $95,000 to make $90,000, you're an idiot! And let's remember that $90K in sales is not the same as $90K in profit.

Did she do it with her "Renegade System"? Ann will never tell you what she really did.

How much will it cost you to generate a lead with the "Renegade System"? Considering your COMPETITION it could easily cost $30 or more PER LEAD! And what happens to the leads you generate with your own money? According to one of the assocaites (who asked not to be named), she will market to any lead she gets her hands on.

Who will earn the MOST from your efforts? It's not you!
Don't wash up with the Renegade...

do your homework.

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