Friday, June 22, 2007

How to spot a SCAM...

I've been asked if there are any hard rules on spotting a scam. I think I would cite these:

1) Beware of paying for the pleasure. - There are a lot of so called opportunities that require you to purchase their product before they allow you to
become an affiliate. The only thing an affiliate should care about is your potential for selling thier product. In fact top affiliate programs review their member sites and marketing footprint prior to allowing them to become an affiliate.

2) Beware of the competition - Since everyone and anyone can sell stuff online competition can quickly get stiff with affiliate offers. The bottom line is that affiliates want access to markets and traffic they can't get on their own. When you open a People Magazine you don't see 15 ads for Bausch & Loum contacts. That would be a stupid waste of money. Yet, on the Internet, affiliate marketers are often running in the same places. If you pick an affiliate program to market - find one that will limit the number of participants.

3) Be prepared to lose it all - Business is a risk no matter how you dice it up. Don't let yourself fall victim for a scam out of desperation. Always keep in mind that you could lose it all.

A search on Google for Affiliate Listings will pull over 5 million pages!


Murigi Wainaina said...

I have read quite a bit about Ann Sieg's products and way of doing things. To be fair to her, I think she did what any person would do in order to move from where they are to where they want to be. When you learn or are taught something, that knowledge will be of value if only you know what to do with it and you ACT on it. So whether she repackaged it or not it has got her where she is today. When we come come to think of it nothing is really original in this world. Either we are just harnessing existing laws of nature or repackaging differently what others have done before our time.

Murigi Wainaina said...
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