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Who Taught Ann Sieg?

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They say that "no man is an island" and it's obvious that no successful person has become successful on their own. Yet when you see the hype machines in full production, it seems as if the guru's did it all on their own - the immaculate conception of their own success.

Can I say how much I love the Internet and the ability to research this stuff right here from my own apartment? Here's what I dug up...

Ann Sieg has copied much of what she is doing from other people. She did not come up with this on her own! In fact according to one marketer claiming to be from her "mastermind group" she took what she could get from Leaders Club (Andre Vatke & Jeff Zalewski), Mike Dillard and few other minor sources and simply repackaged it as her own.

Looking back a few months (May 2007) at her website ( - now changed) it used to say the following...
"I have a couple of extremely-successful network marketing friends, Andre Vatke and Jeff Zalewski, who've made their fortunes in this business and now spend their time coaching and training others how to do the same. These are the guys that taught me the exact techniques I use."

"Problem is - normally this hard-hitting course is only available to members of a special training group that Andre and Jeff lead. But I wanted to give you access to this priceless information... so... I talked to Andre and worked out a deal to offer it to you for a very short period of time without having to become a member."
I could not get through to Andre Vatke but the staff at his company Leaders Club indicated that the relationship with Ann Sieg had gone sour and that they would not comment because it was an ongoing legal case. So it looks like Ann's story is much deeper then she lets on. Like I said before, these people will never tell you the truth - that would interfere with what they have to sell you.


Wiseman1068 said...

Ann Sieg's new website and e-book is a scam. I purchased Ann Sieg’s “How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Prospects CD." Christian Marquez called me up and shared Leader Club with me. Once I joined Leaders club I received no help from either of them.

How can you trust anybody who states they are willing to help? Their actions don't show it to some of the people they sponsored in Leaders Club. Many people joined Leaders Club by Ann and Christian and received no help from either of them. How do you know you will receive help from them joining this business?

Their actions don't show it to me. Be careful with what you do and make sure you do your research so you won't be a victim of Ann Seig and or Organization.

Ty Tribble said...

Admittedly, I don't know anything about Ann Sieg's involvement with Leaders Club but I can tell you her new program is NOT a scam. For $67 you will get thousands of $ worth of training and information along with the ability to create thousands in sales.

The free eBook alone is worth a lot in my opinion:

What I find to be most interesting is that Ann basically tells you that after you have a good understanding of her system and once you have made some money...make your own system.

MLM Truth Or Fiction said...

"How to Turn Cold Leads into Hot Prospects" is not Ann Siegs's.

Some how Ann Siege has mastered a method of owning courses, training, services, strategies, techniques, ad-infinitum.

Just put it on a web site, attach your name to it and they will believe and hopefully buy!

Her 7 Greatest Lies are borrowed, begged, and stolen but in her case she exponentially delivers the old adage "7 x 70" to it on her Renegade Scam Site and once inside, she is guilty of under promising and over delivering more lies.

What we have seen that Ann is responsible for is her being the Queen Troll of the "Toll Booth" Marketing System.

Ann puts herself and her nit-witty web site (which is handled by her young boy webmaster - on retainer?) between what ever she sees as something she can siphon every last drop out of for her personal financial and egotistical gain. Now everyone gets their own hose and gets to suck for all their might from her think tank under construction borrowed knowledge base.

The "Toll Booth" Renegade Marketing "Siphon" System is her own version of a "pay me to tell you about Commission Junction and I'll pay you to tell others to have me tell them about Commission Junction" scheme.

Yep - as Ann would put it; there is a New And Improved System available. Renegade? Yes that fits well but the Dictionary is a little too close to home with the definition. So be it that is Ann's choice.

Maybe she can shut it down when she is exposed and reopen as the "Toll Booth Network Marketing System" with the promise that you too can become a Toll Booth Troll.

Time will tell. The TRUTH shall set you free!

mlmtruth said...

When you do a Google search on "MLM Whore" Ty Tribble is the first name to come up organically!

The TOP PAID spot is Ann Sieg.

How fitting.

troy said...

I always find it interesting when people write comments and posts, but are not willing to show who they truly are. In the world of internet marketing personal branding is a must.

Most of those who have posted on this new blog are either hiding their profiles or are so new they have not even setup their blogs. Which does bring up an interesting thought… maybe the only reason they comment, and maybe the only reason this blog was created is to lambaste a specific person?

I sure don’t see anything on this blog about the current Burn Lounge issue, which is far more impacting than giving personal opinion about someone who is willing to risk it all to create a new system for her team.

On the other hand I do have some facts (not opinion) that are very relevant in this current situation.

- This type of posting does nothing but hurt all those who are in network marketing focused on reaching their financial dreams.

- It shows the immaturity of those who are behind this blog. Instead of joining an advocacy association focused on bringing balance between companies and distributors.

- If you have never lived through a situation like this, either as a distributor or company executive, you have no clue how you will respond. I have done both. As a matter of fact I watched this exact situation play out in another support, training and lead generation company just a few years ago. A company that was the world’s largest grossing $75 million a year, and paying its Distributors monthly anywhere from a few dollars to over $80,000.00 per month. And after the smoke cleared and the dust settled, hundreds of thousands were spent by both sides, distributors were hurt, both parties suffered financially and even more by reputation.

So let me ask, what good does it do to post such negative one-sided information?

You act as if all this is some great revelation that Ann got her inspiration from Andre, Steve, Mike, and others.

I think King Solomon said it best when he wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes “And there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc.1:9.

All of us have mentors, and we take what they teach us and we add a new nugget and we teach it.

Andre learned from someone, Steve, learned from Andre, Ann learned from Andre, Steve and Mike Dillard. Mike Dillard learned from Joe Vitale, Tim Erway, Todd Falcone, Mark Wieser and myself, along with many others.

In the last 25 years I’ve learned from Art Williams, Hubert Humphrey, John Maxwell, and Kevin Lehmann just to name a few. And you can see each one of them in the articles, training and systems I’ve created. Isn’t this mentoring and equipping in it’s purest form?

So before posting and commenting with your personal opinion, think about who will see your post! Once it is written you can’t take it back.

And, if things continue to go south for the parties involve you might just be the next casualty of war.

If you track backwards throughout the history of network marketing you can see where situations like this have arisen over and over. Each time one of two things happens.

The company survives and the distributor is found to be at fault, or the company is found to be abusing their power and distributors leave in droves.

When the second happens, it is not long before the company cuts the compensation plan so they can save what cash flow they have left. In both cases there are no winners.

One last thing… Who is their right mind is going to search for “MLM Whore”? That in itself shows the true attitude of some.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

mlmtruth said...

> Troy Dooly Wrote:
> One last thing… Who is their
> right mind is going to search
> for “MLM Whore”? That in itself
> shows the true attitude of some.

"But if you're willing to put in some elbow grease and a little skull sweat, you can get traffic off of the keywords that no one else thinks of." - Ann Sieg in her 'Renegade Training Program'

Thanks for making my point. I'm not the one bidding on the keyword.

Loren Woirhaye said...

I haven't read Anne's ebook or joined her program...

Yet the first time I saw it I said "FUNDED PROPOSAL" - probably inspired by the work of "MLM BigFish" Joe Schroeder and Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring which in turn was inspired by Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing System.

The title of the program is probably inspired by the "Renegade Millionaires" product by Dan Kennedy.

Anne appears to have done some homework and read the books and listened to CDs from good marketers who preceded her.

Wiseman1068 said...

Everyone learns from someone. If they are doing it for good we appreciate it. If they are doing it to hurt other we don't appreciate it.

How do we know something is coming from God?

It is in the bible.
It is a mutual benefit for everyone.
Balance is the key.
Longevity, it has been around for a while and it has been tested and proven.

We can't be judges. If Ann is doing it for the good of man kind, then it is her call, not mine. If she is doing it to make more money and get all the glory, again that is her call not mine.

Leaders Club has been very wonderful to me. I appreciate Ann and Christian for introducing me to Leaders Club. I am now starting to become a leader in the business and my goal was to help other people and not hurt other people.

I wrote my other post earlier because I felt that Ann Sieg and Christian didn't help me out once they sponsored me in Leaders Club. They chose who to help out and who not to help out and I was just trying to give that side to help those who do their research.

You gain a lot more than you lose when it comes to joining Leaders Club. Just ask Ann Sieg. That is how she had the inspiration to create The Renegade Network Marketer.

My question is what is the benefit of reinventing a new wheel? Leaders Club is great and is the the training and Lead resource of the Network Marketing Industry since 1994.

I am grateful I was an outcast to Ann Sieg's group. I am receiving so many blessing from our Lord in Leaders Club. There are so many wonderful vessels of the Lord that are involved in Leaders Club. The best way to decide this on your own is by seeing the action.

I shouldn't have to convince anyone. I am giving information out there and it is up to you to do the research. If you join Renegade, I hope Ann Sieg treats you well and I hope no one gets hurt. We our suppose to be in the Network Marketing business to help others succeed in their Network Marketing Business and in life whether they join the company we are in or not.

God new that we all have different traditions and have different beliefs we follow. That is how come the bible is so simalar and different in many of the gospels. One man’s junk is another man’s gold.

I wish you all the best of success. In any MLM and Affiliate Marketing company you join.

Leaders are not born they are made. Just as Leaders Club states. We all learn differently and we all are different people. That is what makes are world so great.

isa said...

I am researching the Renegade marketing system and came to this site.

First comment says "Ann Sieg's new website and e-book is a scam" but doesn't say why. Not getting support is not necessary a scam, it happens all the time in MLM, networking or whatever you call it.

Troy is right, there's nothing new under the sun. We all learn from someone else. I have not read or even bought Ann Siesg's book but if she has put together ideas from names like Mike Dillard who learned from Joe Vitale, Tim Erway, Todd Falcone then it must be good stuff! Having it all consolidated in one package is even better! I'd say smart woman!

Somehow I have the feeling that this bashing might have some gender bias. No one says anything when all the big names in marketing get together in a hotel room and reword and twick old ideas and come up with a CD and manual that they then sell to their list, membership or newsletter subscription list. Of course it has been advertized months before and there's only so many to be sold etc, etc.

Also, seems out of place to bring up god when discussing this subject. Oh! and new wheels are being re-invented, up-dated, re-furbished, re-painted all the time! I think it is refreshing and a display of human ingenuity. Just go to a store that sells kitchen wares and check how many different can openers they have or corckscrews, or kettles, or... or... you get the point.

I think I'll go ahead and get Ann's book/CD deal.

Thanks and I hope I have not offended anyone.


mlmtruth said...

Isabel said:I have not read or even bought Ann Siesg's book but if she has put together ideas from names like Mike Dillard who learned from Joe Vitale, Tim Erway, Todd Falcone then it must be good stuff! Having it all consolidated in one package is even better! I'd say smart woman!

You can watch a video of Ann telling you directly where she learned her stuff... no need to speculate or make stuff up...

Stephen said...

All the great teachers I have meet are always thrilled when their students take what they have learned and succeed in their own way.

It sounds like a case of sour grapes to me. So what if Ann learned some of what see knows at Leaders Club. How many thousands of people have come and gone without coming close to the success Ann has had.

It is not the teaching that is important as much as the person through which the teaching comes. Ann Sieg is Ann Sieg. She like anyone else who achieves, was able to take the knowledge and make it her own.

Oh, about her ebook being a scam. At $67 with a 90 day money back guarantee, where is the scam?

Even if you decide you don't like it and decide to get your money back, you still get to keep the book and other bonuses.

I would have thought a scam was when you paid for something and didn't get what you paid for only to find the merchant has flown the coup when you go for your refund.

If Leaders Club has issue with Ann Sieg, I find it amusing that they still advertise her name to attract business.

Wiseman1068 said...

I didn't post to discriminate against Ann Sieg because she is a woman succeeding in a business. Many women succeed in businesses. I plan to continue to be a woman of success.

People can't say I try to discriminate because I am a minority and I hit all of the groups that claim they are discriminated against. It was I that was very discriminated against by Ann Sieg, when joined her organization.

As I stated earlier if you want to join and it helps good for you. It is all in the action. I prefer to work with a group that follows God’s ways, which are a mutual beneficial and a mutually accountable relationship.

Leaders Club is both mutually accountable and beneficial. They have helped me out considerably and have never discriminated against me. Thank God for Leaders Club.

I believe MLM Truth is right. Ann Sieg is very successful because she pays a tremendous amount of money to pay per clicks.

What comes from God will continue to rise, what doesn't come from God will fall. Let see what happens with Ann Sieg. We already know that Leaders Club has been in business since 1994. We already know that Leaders Club works or else Ann wouldn't be making the money she is making.

If she continues to discriminate she will eventually fall. Leaders Club or I won't make her fail. Her company will fall because it isn't a mutually beneficial or accountable relationship.

What Ann does is pays so much money for the Good advertisements so the people who pay top dollar will say all kinds of good things about Renegade. The people who are displeased are the ones that are discriminated against because they aren't paying top dollars to advertise their remorse.

Really as far as I am concerned I am posting this to help people make an educated decision. In order to make an educated decision you need to research all sides of an issue.

MLM-MAPS.COM said...

I am a former member of Leaders Club and even though it was not for me, I am a fan of Leaders Club and Andre Vatke.

On the other hand I payed money for Ann Sieg's system and quickly asked for a refund which she granted, thank you.

I asked for a refund because everything you need to know about her system has already been covered by "Never Cold Call Again" by Frank Raumbauskas Jr.. Ann simply is banking off of his work.

Information marketing is nothing but getting blasted by emails trying to get you to buy to benefit the affiliate marketer. This is Ann Sieg's big sell point. The money is made on the back end.

Well her system makes Ann a lot of money on the back end by building a pyramid of Renegade Marketers to provide a portal for her emails to entice you to buy all the affiliate programs she has signed up to promote. Pretty slick if it works. said...

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Kick Start Marketing Solutions said...

I'm sorry...who are you and what do you promote? I'd like to be able to do a search from my home and see what I come up with when I search for you. Is your product, MLM, information your own...or did you "borrow and repackage it" as your own? I'm curious.

Rosemary said...

Ann Sieg's new website and e-book is a SCAM?? In a way, all MLM's are a Scam in that the people above just do not assist the people joining (probably because they have not been shown how)- so everyone has to re-invent the wheel all by themselves. That part IS a lie.
I think Ann's point is to try to correct that lie. To point a few people in the right direction at least.

With so very many, many out and out Scams out there - so many plain out and out rip off's - I've personally bumped into a good number -
WHY would anyone pick about who any woman/ or man got their information from in order to put an entire program together??
I find this unbelievable!!
Leaders Club (where her information is supposed to have come from) is selling products also. They are not passing on information for free!!
If Ann learned from their programs, good for her - she has also learned from other sources as well, as well as her own experience. That is what we human beings do - learn if we are growing and alive.

So what about who taught Ann Sieg?
Her own experience was also her teacher, and she is passing on valuable information - so what is the Scam??

Give your opinion after you have gone through her course and not received a refund, if you have learned nothing, and you do not like it!! Now that is a Scam!!

Keep your own doorstep clean!!
You may wind up being 'gossiped' about, unless you want to just live under a rock!.


Campbell Scott said...

The protruding nail gets hammered first.

James said...

After having been an MLM distributor a number of years back, working diligently at developing customers and downlines from the "chilly" prospecting list and struggling, I always felt that there was a better way to find "like-minded" prospect pools. I walked away from the last distributorship several years ago but recently began to consider making another attempt at the business; this time leveraging the power of the internet to create a "hotter" prospect pool.

As I started investigating network marketing methods, I came across Ann's 7 Lies and website. After reading the 7 Lies as well as other information, I opted to invest the $67 and am in the process of reading the RNM e-book finding insight on some basic sales and marketing techniques, intertwined with common sense and interesting appoaches to enhance my possible new (or renewed) venture. Knowing that there was a 90-day MBG and seeing here that she actually follows through; I am confused as to how this is a scam.


Campbell Scott said...

It appears we all have our own interpretations on what a scam actually is. For one thing I think the word scam is so easily over used and never defined properly. Most people that use the word, use it loosely as a throw away blanket line to justify and attack others.

Rick said...
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Rick said...

I have made money using Ann Sieg's Renegade Marketing Program. So It seems to me some people are just plain jealous of someone else's success. It seems in this country no one likes to see someone achieve great wealth or positions of power. They have to face the fact someone did what they didn't want to do in order to have the success they could have had.
They have to admit to lack of persistence, discipline, and the desire to win no matter what it takes.
We need to accept more personal responsibity and give less excuses.

Tequila, Lime, No Salt said...

Ann Sieg's business model is not a scam and she does follow through with her guarantee to return your money, I am proof.

To find success in Ann Sieg's Renegade Marketing (which is Information Marketing)it is helpful to already have a downline you can convince to join with you.

Ann had a huge downline with Leaders Club so converting that group to Renegade Marketing and having the group sign up for the affiliate programs and also buy the products had to be a huge cash pay day for Ann.

It is what Information Marketing is all about. Find someone to buy your information, hope they feel they are getting value and hit on them continuously with more information product until the well runs dry.

The struggle I have with most Information Marketing I have been exposed is the information is lacking a step by step implementation plan. The average person is not a marketing whiz, and the risk/reward factor shifts very quickly to the risk side if you are not careful.

Ann Sieg at the end of the day copied a successful formula combined with a pretty decent marketing plan to capture the millions wanting so badly to find the "easy money" preached by every MLM and Network Marketer.

Fact is, like any new venture, you must have a solid business plan, have the capital to keep the business going early on and work your butt off to earn the success.

Good Luck!

dallas said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andre Vatke said...

Ann Sieg was terminated because she raided her own downline (and crossline) and violated a private non-compete contract with my company - Leaders Club ( Simple as that. I'm glad she made the most of it. :) MOVE ON PEOPLE - Leaders Club has!

Trinket said...

I am not an internet marketer, but have been looking into for a long time. (That's why I was reading all of these comments.) And yes, there certainly are a lot of scams out there. But it's up to you to discover and check out best you can those that are. But, if people would get busy learning what they can, even information from the scammers (there's something to be learned even there), and working to put all of this information together (yes, you'll have to use some of other people's ideas), instead of using their time to gripe, complain and criticizie others doing it, they wouldn't have time to gripe and complain and should be making money. At least they are doing something! Seems some people hit it right and learn, even with all of the scams! Just speaking my mind. Tired of soooo many pessimistic people out there. And my life is NO bed of roses. But, you have to keep trying if you ever want to be successful.

Pierre and Tania said...

Wow...that was an interesting topic of discussion...everyone to their own I supose :D...Anyone heard of Xango???? Any thoughts????. I think I'll like to look into Ann Sieg's programmes too...Sounds good...Live and Learn. The amount of money she's asking for isn't a whole lot so why not :D...

filipinonetworkmarketing said...

what happened to leader club? what happened to the people attacking ann sieg?

Nalama said...

so has anyone tried ann sieg's system n is successful?

DrCacao said...

Ann Sieg is a brilliant leader, an innovative entrepreneur, with solid integrity.
I am a Team member and have been quite successful.
I have never been associated with anyone more professional, honest, and a better leader.

Living Fit said...

Of course Ann Sieg "repackaged" her own Network Marketing plan that's exactly what guru's like Mike Dillard teach!!! Sure you can follow Ann and Mike's business under their downline, but I'm pretty sure they learned right away that being recognized as a leader in attraction marketing is key to building the business. There is no scam about what Ann is doing. She was taught well how to Brand herself. It's called brand marketing!

Lynda said...

I'm a professional hairdresser in the offline world. I learned my trade/craft from several teachers. Through their teachings I developed my own style of hairdressing. I became a very popular hairdresser and eventually opened my own salon. (I now have 3 salons). These days I personally train all my new staff. Does that make me a "scam"??!! Because I'm using and teaching the techniques taught to me by others? Of course, I also make very good money because my salons and my staff are very popular! I get paid well for my innovative way of running my business! Am I a "scam artist" then?? I think not!!

And neither is Ann Sieg! I own ALL of her works/publications. They are the most valuable and informative publications that I own - by a loooooong chalk!

The Receptionist said...

I think Ann Sieg is great!. I joined DMC last year in November and I can afford to quit my job in 2 months :) And the support is amazing too. I always get a answer back when I have any questions, so she's perfecting her business support system too.

Christopher Green said...

trying to figure out if what Ann has is what I need....any comments gratefully appreciated at, or 602.573.4157

Christopher Green said...

Before I plop my money down, trying to evaluate Ann Sieg's system, and the methods that I might use to create my own MLM business. Comments appreciated at lifevaantage@gmail, or 602.573.4157. Christopher

Diana Caswell said...

It amazes me how many people will say that someone learned something from some other people then taught it to other people and label that as a scam. UH DUH Do you think that teachers are born with their knowledge or do you think that maybe someone somewhere taught it to them? Anyhow, Ann Sieg straight up says her course are from here experiences in the industry and out and what she has learned along the way. Everyone's a critic these days. Anytime I had a question I have had the help I needed even from Ann herself so I don't know what your talking about in the comments there Wiseman1068 By the way there are too many people who think they are "victims" out there.

Paul Hatzigiannis said...

Ann Sieg's advice apply to bigger markets. like the english speaking one.

If you narrow it down to smaller markets, like the crisis-torn Greece, you will see that things are different.

BUT, in my intial steps, I got help from her books and I am greatfull.

Good stuff.

If she was taught by any "Leader's Club" and then she applied it to her system, then her teachers should have known that tha's the way it goes.

Otherwise, "The ones that cannot do, teach".

I see many who are willing to "share" their secrets - rather to save it for their "huge network" that brought them fortunes etc etc etc... Since they charge money for these advice, there is no problem with what the students will do with that knowledge.

AND, 1 last thing. I have zero respect for Troy Dooly's opinion. That hillibilly carricature supported zeek. And he did it hard. I have no respect for people that supported these obvious scams and turn their backs on the traditional direct-sales values, and cause so much damage to the market. Tell that to my downline that send their good money on good ol' m'rica and then the had to become immigrants.

On, and I am available on my profile. Easy to find me.

Scott Bellisle said...

Thanks for the great info. It's nice to see the "snakes" exposed for who they really are.
One very minor observation: look up the definitions of "then" and "than". You seem like a very intelligent person, but misusing these two can undermine your perceived intelligence and authority

Michael75065 said...
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Michael75065 said...

I just found this about Ann sieg and I am kind of proud of here hard work and go getting and using other people training to help others. There not a damn thing wrong what she is doing if she is making people successful.

read what I found: At the time of recording / interview she had already attained the coveted status of Certified Marketing Consultant and was the number one female producer for Leaders Club thanks to the proven training she got from Leaders Club and her sponsor Glenn Burks.

so what is wrong helping others I am so damn lost with all this hate. I think people are jealous of her success and hard work. Sad sad sad This is not a scam bye a long shot. she just teaching what she learned to others and if they choose to buy her products good for them. That isn what training is all about. Shebsounds like a go getter and a nice lady. Go Ann Sieg keep doing what your doing.