Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is Ann Sieg Is Being Honest With You?

In her free eBook Ann Sieg says: "The World of Network Marketing is About to Change... FOREVER!"

Truth, scam or outright crap?

Ann's eBook is a classic "funded proposal" it's the same thing that been around for a long time. Will it change the industry? Nope. Although there will probably be a few thousand people jumping in with a wish for making it big by getting in early on Ann's new system.

Here's are a few observations on her free eBook... (my comments in RED)

I'm not sure how you got here, but you've just stumbled upon something that is about to take the Network Marketing industry by storm. • It won't even drizzle.

(No... It's not yet another "ground floor opportunity" or new MLM company about to launch.) • It poses as one. Ann just hasn't figured out what to tie it to yet.

These tactics may have worked back in the 60s, when your parents (or grandparents) were in Amway... But TODAY in 2007 in our over-hyped, over-marketed world, people are just too busy and too skeptical for these tired, outdated, ineffective methods. • Ann Sieg is proving that to be wrong with her “not a company - opportunity” system & Product.

Fortunately... when you plug in to The Renegade Network Marketer System you can burn, throwaway or flush your names list forever! Because when you put into place the marketing system I hand you, you’ll never have to “chase” another prospect ever again. • If that was true then why didn’t Ann Sieg throw her list away?

Nope... From now on prospects will come to YOU. And when they do they’ll already be “sold” on what you have to offer. • Ann hasn’t stopped coming to her worn-out over-sold list since she first came up with this hair-brained brain-fart of an idea.

We are finalizing the development and testing of the most groundbreaking, step-by-step business building system ever to hit Network Marketing. • Ground-breaking and reputation-breaking are not the same but it will be business-breaking and heart-breaking for many.

This system has been almost two years in development and while it has already made it into the hands of a small group of the most elite network marketers on the planet, it is finally being made available to the public. • Not this Planet.

Many top MLM leaders are already talking about (and beginning to implement) this powerful system. In a couple of weeks the entire industry will be buzzing about what you've just been fortunate enough to discover. • Ann Sieg is definitely buzzed on something.

Truth - Ann Sieg is lying to you. If you are in Network Marketing I can promise you one thing...YOU'VE BEEN (being) LIED TO (right now)!

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