Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More stupid crap... only this time it's free

I still find it funny to see all the hype and competition is the "ebook" market. Everyone has a secret to sell but no one really has a secret. It's like there are no secrets.

Here's another stupid affiliate site I came across that openly shares much of what people pay for with Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer. (To be fair, Ann does not teach you how to make porno ads like these scamsters do...)


The premise of this particular $67 course is to show you how to get free Google AdWords ads.

It's a complete pile of crap - as you probably already figured! In fact the folks at Google said that there is no way to get AdWords for free. What is free is the natural listing and ranking. But that's not the way they sell it.

Check out this wonderful line from the webpage "And BEST of all, I’m NOT lying (I really do get literally $millions$ in FREE advertising each & every year at ALL the TOP Search Engines!)" --> There you have it! If they say they are not laying, well... There may be a technical difference between lying and telling the truth - and no-one is getting millions in free AdWords ads! (...read the disclaimer on the site - that should settle it!)

Here's a good thing to remember in your search for the perfect marketing program...

A bowl of steaming crap
is still a bowl of crap
no matter how much it costs
or how they dress it up

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